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ultimate Djerdap adventure

Zeleni zaliv (The Green Bay) is a pet-friendly eco-village with original character located in the heart of the Djerdap gorge. You can sleep in authentic houses that breathe, take a boat cruise through the gates of Djerdap, taste Danube wines and long-forgotten dishes, ride kayaks in the Gulf of Poreč or daydream under the glow of five thousand stars.

The Zeleni zaliv eco-village consists of three apartments with a total capacity for twelve people, a reservation only eatery, a wine cellar, a coastal relaxation zone and an exit to the river. Guests can rent a boat for cruising through the Djerdap, kayaks, paddle boards and bicycles, as well as the most spectacular view of the Djerdap gorge and the peaks of the Miroč mountain.


Log cabins made of clay plaster

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to sleep in living houses built from natural materials - wood, earth, sand, water, straw and chaff. The clean air of the Djerdap gorge and the national park makes the microclimate of the Green Bay healthy and free of natural pollutants, and the quality and humidity of the air in the houses are perfectly balanced thanks to the earthen plaster from which the log cabins were built. Breathe to the fullest in the eco-houses of the Green Bay with a modern interior that breathe and filter the air independently.

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Taste the Đerdap style slow food

Complete your adventure in the Đerdap Gorge with unforgettable gastronomic experiences! Try autochthonous dishes prepared from ingredients produced by small local producers, wild herbs, Danube fish, game and the famous Miroč aged cheese (Škripavac). In our wine cellar, you will enjoy tasting Danube wines from the vineyards of Negotin region and experience the rich gastronomic scene of this area, with cheeses, smoked fish and cured meats.

tradicionalna djerdapska kuhinja
krstarenje brodicem

Immerse yourself in Djerdap Gorge from the water

Boat cruise through the iron gates of the Đerdap Gorge

From the Green Bay, you can board a boat and go on a cruise through the iron gates of Djerdapa - where the Danube is the most beautiful in its entire course! We pass through the Small and Great Cauldron, past the statue of Decibalus carved into the rock all the way to Trajan's Tablet and back. Cruising the Djerdap Gorge gives you the opportunity to explore the rich history of the area, with spontaneous guidance and interesting anecdotes from our two captains, while enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding the river.

Explore the vicinity

Zeleni zaliv is an ideal starting point for exploring Djerdap's attractions, since it is located in a location that intersects various routes for natural and historical tours. Here you will find numerous activities that will enrich your stay, whether you opt for river cruises, hiking, visits to viewpoints, wine tours, visits to museums, caves, canyons or bird watching.

Golubac Fortress

Prehistoric arch. site Lepenski Vir

Rajkova pećina
Rajkova’s cave

Blederije waterfall

Vratnjanske kapije
Vratna’s Gates

statua Decibala
Decibal rock sculpture

Viewpoints Ploče & Veliki Štrbac

Trajanova tabla
Tabula Traiana, old Roman monument

Rajačke pivnice
Negotin winehouses, Rajac, Rogljevo …

Hidroelektrana Đerdap
Hydroelectric Power Plant Djerdap I

Prerast Šuplja stena
Gate Šuplja stena

Viewpoint Kovilovo

Fetislam fortress

Golubački grad

Lokalitet Lepenski Vir

Rajkova pećina
Rajkova pećina

Vodopad Blederije

Vratnjanske kapije
Vratnjanske kapije

statua Decibala
Statua Decibala

Vidikovac Ploče i Veliki Štrbac

Trajanova tabla
Trajanova tabla

Rajačke pivnice
Negotinske pivnice, Rajac, Rogljevo …

Hidroelektrana Đerdap
Hidroelektrana Đerdap

Prerast Šuplja stena
Prerast Šuplja stena

Vidikovac Kovilovo

Lepenski vir

The cradle of Western civilization

Eco Resort Zeleni zaliv is located on the shore of Poreč Bay in the heart of the Đerdap National Park. As the cradle of Western civilization, the Djerdap Gorge preserves the continuity of human existence and life for the past twelve thousand years. As a kind of time capsule that combines archaic and modern, Zeleni zaliv will take you to a time when life was more peaceful and of a higher quality.

Vinča culture

Activities at the green bay

Row kayaks and SUP boards in the Poreč bay

If you are a fan of water sports, Poreč Bay offers ideal conditions for paddling kayaks and SUP boards. This activity will allow you to explore the river and shores in a unique way, while connecting with nature and enjoying the peace that water provides.

Hiking in the National and Geopark Đerdap

20 minutes from Zeleni zaliv, there are first-class hiking trails within the first geopark in Serbia. Visit viewpoints, waterfalls, overgrowths, caves and other locations where nature shows its most beautiful face.

During clear sky nights we offer a first class view

After a busy day full of adventures, relax and enjoy the simplicity of stargazing. Here, far from the city noise and light, the starry sky shines like rarely anywhere else.

Enjoy the open fire with some wine and snacks

The perfect way to end the day is with a open fire and a glass of local Danube wine. Gather around the fire with friends or family, share stories and let the wine and flame dance lead you into peaceful evening moments.

Swim in the Poreč bay

Refresh yourself and indulge in the joy of swimming in the clean waters of the Danube. Here you will find quiet shores where you can enjoy swimming away from the crowds and noise.

Get to know the cultural heritage of Europe's oldest culture

The Đerdap gorge hides numerous archaeological sites that bear witness to the rich history of Europe's oldest culture. Visit Lepenski Vir, Golubac Fortress and other localities to get to know the past of this area better and learn about the life of the ancient peoples who lived here.

Breathe with the full capacity

Enjoy the clean air and scents of nature that surround Zeleni Zaliv. Here you will find the perfect environment to relax and renew your energy, away from the city's hustle and bustle and stress.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The karst region of eastern Serbia has produced fascinating examples of caves, sinkholes and gates. The most famous cave is Rajkova cave, about 50 minutes from Zeleni zaliv.

Pure exotics in Djerdap

You don't have to go to Hawaii, Thailand or some similar exotic destination to enjoy the beauty of a waterfall like Blederia :-). It is located only 43 km from Zeleni zaliv.

Nature like on the film set of Lord of the Rings

If there is a place on earth that can positively transform you with its strength and beauty, it is the Vratna Gates. Dignified and grandiose stone arches that were once the vaults of the cave.

How to get to Zeleni zaliv

This is how far we are from the major cities:

Belgrade – Zeleni zaliv is about 180 kilometers from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The journey to our bay from Belgrade takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.

Novi Sad – The distance between Novi Sad and Zeleni zaliv is approximately 270 kilometers. The drive from Novi Sad to our location takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Niš – If you are coming from Niš, the distance to Zeleni zaliv is about 180 kilometers. The journey from Niš to our destination takes about 3 hours by car.

Golubac – only 45 minutes from Zeleni zaliv

Kladovo and the gates of Djerdap – Zeleni zaliv is located 60 km from Kladovo and 15 minutes from the iron gates of Djerdap, one of the most impressive natural attractions in Serbia.

Novi Sad, 270 km

Beograd, 180 km

Niš, 180 km

Golubac, 58 km

Kladovo, 61 km

Turn Severin(RO), 67 km

Craiova(RO), 176 km

Vidin(BG), 94 km