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Danube Cruise by boat through the iron gates of the Đerdap gorge

From Zeleni zaliv you can embark on a cruise on the Danube through Đerdap. Before and after the cruise, you can enjoy the view of the river, drink coffee, tea, juice, order some of the original Djerdap dishes. Let your Djerdap cruise begin and end comfortably.

The mesmerizing beauty of the cliffs of Djerdap gorge can best be experienced from the water and understand why it is also known as the Iron Gate. The Đerdap Gorge is definitely the most beautiful part of the Danube's course through Europe.

On the cruise, you will find out where there were continuous settlements from the Mesolithic to the present day, where the Danube is deepest and where it is narrowest, who, apart from nature, participated in the creation of waterways.

Cruise price:

2000 RSD per person
minimum 7 passengers per departure or 14 000 RSD for private tour

statua Decibala

Cena krstarenja:

2000 RSD po osobi
minimalno 7 putnika po polasku

During the cruise you will see these fantastic locations:

Entering the Great Cauldron and passing through the Small Cauldron

Trajan's Tablet, from the period of the Roman conquest of Dacia

The figure of King Decebalus of Dacia carved in rock

Where the Danube is deepest

Where the Danube is narrowest

Signal stations Varnica and Pena, which served as a kind of pre modern traffic lights for ships